Tana AI

Tana AI provides access to the best LLMs in the world, pairing each task with the ideal model for the job.


Since the beginning, Tana was always meant to work with AI. After extensively testing with our users on the possibilities, we are now officially building and integrating AI into Tana. We're calling this Tana AI.

Tana AI provides access to the best LLMs in the world. We pair each task with the ideal model for the job. Every model will already be fine-tuned for use in Tana, so you don't have to worry about that.

All savings we receive on volume pricing are yours. When you subscribe to Tana Core, you get access to not only all the fine-tuned AI models we subscribe to, but also the volume pricing we receive.

There is no need to bring your own AI API keys to Tana anymore. But if you want to use your own key for some things, we have left two commands (Ask AI + Generic AI query) that you can use with your own OpenAI key.

AI should be like electricity: you turn it on, and it just works.


  • There are many features in Tana that work with AI. For an extensive list, see the next section on Features using AI.
  • You can chat with your knowledge using AI in Tana! AI chat comes in two flavours: Ask AI where you get a standard chat, and Ask AI about this content which takes into consideration the context you add into the chat.
  • Talk to Tana and get your thoughts transcribed straight where you want it. Use live transcribe or audio-enabled fields and tags to speak straight into Tana.
  • AI actions require credits to run. Tana Core users get 5000 AI credits every month. Credits can be topped up.
  • AI is a Tana Core feature. You can only use AI in Tana if you are on the Tana Core plan.

Features using AI

AI chat

  • AI chat works like ChatGPT: Type in your question, hit Enter to send it, and receive an answer instantly.
  • We send the entire chat as context for each answer. So, the longer the chat gets, the larger the AI credit cost becomes.
  • All your AI chats are saved under a node on your daily notes.
  • AI chat doesn't handle images and files currently.

To use AI chat

The AI chat can be found in the sidebar, or press Spacebar in any empty node.

To use AI chat to talk to your notes

You can invoke AI chat within any node to ask questions about it. Look for the purple sparkle icon in the top right corner, next to the node options.

When a reference is loaded in the chat, you have the option to Summarize, Explain, Continue writing or Translate based on the context.

You can edit or remove the context that is included in the chat. Paste more references to add context, or delete the nodes to remove.

Things you can do on AI responses

  • You can make edits right in the chat.
  • You can create a New thread based on the conversation up until that point, if you want to take the conversation in a new direction. This puts the full chat up to that point into the chat context.
  • Hover over an AI response, and you can Insert the latest response to the parent of the chat (the place you initiated the chat from), Copy the response to your clipboard, or continue chatting to it.
  • You can Stop/rerun an AI job if you want to tweak the prompt. This will delete the AI response up to that point. Hold Alt+click to create a branched path of conversation that keeps the history of the previous response(s).

For more tips on how to use AI chat, check out the AI chat guide by pressing the i (info) button in the chat.

Meeting agent

See Meeting agent

Calendar integration

See Calendar integration

Live transcription

There are several ways to access real-time transcription in Tana:

  • Create new > Start live transcription: Transcribes into the new node. These are created on your Daily notes
  • Audio-enabled fields: Enables an audio button on the field. Pressing it triggers live transcription, which becomes the field value.
  • Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+E: This starts global live transcription. Once complete, these go to the Inbox

AI commands and events

AI commands: Several new AI commands have been added that provide powerful AI tools to a Tana near you:

  • Add meeting bot: Sends a meeting agent to a video call to transcribe what participants are saying
  • Text processing agent: Takes a transcript, extracts information and puts it in a target location.

For more on command nodes, see AI command nodes

Events: We have added a new way to trigger commands to happen when nodes are added or removed from another node. They are called Events, and can be set up for any node and supertag.

For nodes: Run Configure node and go to On child added/On child removed:

For supertags: Go to Supertag config > AI and Commands > On added/on removed


Tana comes with several tools for managing AI work:

AI credits

All Tana Core subscribers get 5000 credits every month to spend on AI actions. This translates to the following:

  • 22x30 min meetings
  • 125 AI generated images
  • 570 blogposts generated
  • 25 hours of transcribed voice transcription

If you are out of credits, you can buy more from the AI credits section here.

GPT log monitor

The command line Open GPT log monitor will open a monitor that shows you how many credits are being used for various AI work. Right now it only shows credits spent using OpenAI models. We hope to add support for other models in the future.

Click on the line items to expand and see the payloads.

AI for builders

The Tana Labs experiment AI for builders is what kickstarted the work on AI in Tana over a year ago. All the things you were able to do with AI for builders, you can do with a Tana Core subscription, without the need to bring your own key.

For more detail, read the AI for builders page.

Related release notes

  • improvedIn "Manage your account", we now show the monthly reset date for AI credits, and dates now show actual dates, not relative dates. ()
  • improvedSelecting multiple nodes and starting an AI chat will now include all the selected nodes as context ()
  • improvedAutofill should be better about using the same language as the user ()
  • fixedFixed bug where prompt field in prompt workbench would sometimes be gone. Added a switch to turn on custom prompt from within prompt workbench. ()
  • fixedFixed bug where hidden fields did not show when they were AI processing. ()
  • fixedFixed bug where we showed a popup for an AI key when you created a new tag in Tana Free ()
  • fixedFixed issue where you could not start an AI chat at the workspace root ()
  • newReleased general AI chat (available from sidebar) 🤖 ()
  • newReleased AI chat in context (press space on any empty node, or click the ✨ icon top right of any panel to chat with your knowledge.) ()
  • improvedGPT-4o has been added to list of models ()

Related FAQs

  • Can I use my own OpenAI API key in Tana?

    To use AI, you need to have a subscription to Tana Core. If you subscribe to the new Tana Core plan, you get 5000 AI credits included in your plan. You also have the possibility to top up your AI credits should you run out.

    That said, with a Tana Core subscription we accept user-supplied OpenAI API keys with the use of two specific commands:

    Ask AI: Extensive command, provides result in one batch

    Generic AI query: Simpler command, provides streaming results

    When setting up the commands, set the parameter "use your own AI key" and it will utilize the saved OpenAI API key in Settings

    To set your OpenAI API key, go to Settings > API keys > OpenAI

    Related docs:

  • How much AI is included in the Core plan?

    The Core plan includes 5000 credits each month.
    This is enough for approximately one of these ↓

    • 22 x 30 min meetings with the meeting agent
    • 125 images generated
    • 570 blogposts generated from transcripts
    • 25 hours of live voice transcriptions

    If you run out of credits you easily add more through Settings → Manage your Account.

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