Account settings

Settings and preferences in Tana

In the account menu, you'll find your settings. Here you can choose between different states in Tana, like dark mode, always hiding the sidebar, and more. We will place more features here if we know they are special case features that are important for a larger group of users.

Settings menu

To find your settings, click on the user icon in the bottom of the sidebar and then Setting at the top:

You can also access the Settings via the command line: Open settings

This will open a new dock with your settings (these will vary based on features you have used in Tana):

✨NEW Google Calendar integration

For more, see Calendar Integration.

Date/Time settings

Here you can set your Time Zone, Time format, and First day of the week preferences. They represent the account settings, and also your private workspace settings. When you are browsing another workspace with different settings, the times will be adjusted accordingly.

Time Zones use the international standard for setting timezones. See here for the official nomenclature of TZ.

Private keyboard shortcuts

Any custom keyboard shortcuts you have saved will appear here. See here for more on creating custom shortcuts.


These are your global user preferences.

Show completed items

Uncheck if you want completed items to not show up in search results

Enable dark mode

Make dark mode persistent

Use system theme

Use system light/dark mode setting.

Warn when editing reference nodes

Enables the reference counter indicator when editing references

Show daily tip

Shows a daily tip whenever Tana is opened or reloaded. There are a limited amount of these, so once you've seen them all, they will not show again.

Show URL embeds

There are several URL embeds implemented in Tana: Youtube, Vimeo, Spotify, Figma

Show reference counter

Shows reference counter next to nodes that have references (experimental)

Default transcription language

Define language when we send voice recordings for transcription

Notifications seen

Keeps track of in-app notifications for things like invites, and uses of Notify → via command line.

Progress stats

Progress on in-app help and activities, to determine what content to show you

Move targets

Any custom move targets that belong to this workspace live here

API keys

Place to store API keys for different integrations.

Related release notes

  • improvedIt's now possible to change between annual and monthly subscriptions in "Manage your account". If not on trial, changes kick in at the end of the current billing period. ()
  • improvedIn "Manage your account", we now show the monthly reset date for AI credits, and dates now show actual dates, not relative dates. ()
  • improvedYou can now close all message/error Toasts by holding down Shift or Alt when clicking the 'x' close button (and be sure to yell "you're all toast!" while you're at it for extra effect) ()
  • infoFor historical reasons, specifying the current theme has two settings ("Dark mode" and "Use System theme"). Before, "Dark Mode" always won if both where set, but we're trying this new thing called "respecting user's preferences", so "System theme" wins instead. ()

Related FAQs

  • Can I open the day node of another workspace by default?

    It is not possible to change which workspace's day node you open by default; it is fixed to your private workspace's day node.

    However, open the sidebar and hold Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) whilst clicking on a workspace in your sidebar to open its day node for today.

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  • Do you offer login options other than Google and AppleID?

    While we are in closed beta we are only offering Google and AppleID logins. More options will be added in the future when we are ready to launch to the general public.

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  • How do I change my subscription between monthly and annual billing?

    You can switch between monthly/annual subscription using the Change to monthly/yearly button:

    • If you are on the Tana Core trial, you can switch between monthly/yearly subscriptions here, and the change will kick in once the trial ends.
    • If you started a monthly subscription already and want to switch to yearly, the new billing type will kick in at the end of the monthly period.
    • If you started a yearly subscription already and want to switch to monthly, the new billing type will only kick in at the end of the yearly period.

    For other changes to your subscription, please contact Tana support at

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  • How do I delete my account?

    You can delete your account by:

    1. Click on the Settings icon in the bottom left corner
    2. Hover your mouse over your email address
    3. Then click on Delete account
    4. Confirm by following the instructions

    Your account will be queued for deletion. You won't have access to Tana anymore after this.

    If you want to factory reset your Tana account instead, read up on the instructions to factory-reset your account

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  • When I check a checkbox node, it disappears. Where does it go?

    This is likely because you have "Show completed items" unchecked.

    Go to your Settings and check the Show completed items setting.

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