Import data into Tana

Documentation on import methods we currently support.


Currently we support Workflowy and Roam as native import formats. Check out Tana Intermediate Format to see an early version of community-supported importers for Logseq and Obsidian, and how you could contribute to build an importer for your favorite format.



  1. Before exporting anything from Roam, you may want to do some preprocessing on your graph. Here are some tips on things to consider.
  2. When ready, choose Export all to download a JSON of your graph in a zip file
  3. In Tana, go to Settings > Import content > Roam, and drag your JSON file in to be uploaded
  4. Any imports will create a new Tana workspace, so it's separate from your existing workspaces.
  5. If you want to access the Roam content from another workspace, you can go to your workspace home, press on ··· > Allow content from... and check the Roam workspace.

Related FAQs

  • Where is my imported content? The new workspace appears to be empty

    Imported content is placed either under the new workspace's Library, or under the appropriate daily page depending on the contents of your import file.

    For more on import, see Import data into Tana

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