Tana Templates

Built by creators, for creators. With Tana Templates, every user will have the power to share Tana-to-Tana content like ideas, setups and workflows directly with each other, from their own platform.


Have something to share. Let's say you have created a cool way to record your recipes, a great OKRs system or there's a Public Domain book you've put into Tana and cleaned up for annotations, which you want to make available to others.

Authors share templates from their Published Workspace. Like a basket 馃Ш, you create a node where you put all the content for the template in one place. Then, you generate a Tana Template URL from that node and this can be shared with anybody who has access to Tana.

Recipients add templates to their Home. When you open a Tana Template URL, you get a pop-up preview of the template, and a button that allows you to "Add to Home" the contents of the template. If you have multiple workspaces, you'll have the choice of which workspace you want to install the template at.

Note that Templates are copies of the original. Once you "Add to Home", you're creating a local copy that has no connection to the original.


To create a Tana Template

  1. Create a Published workspace by going to the Home node and under the 路路路 menu, choose Publish workspace. This will make the workspace publicly accessible.
  2. Create a node in the Published workspace that will be the template node.
  3. Nest your content under the template node.
  4. Use the command "Share as Template" on the template node, then Copy a link to the template.
  5. Share the link!

To install a Tana Template

  1. Click on a Tana Template link, which will open Tana in a new browser tab
  2. Choose destination workspace (if you have multiple workspaces), then Add to home

Best practices

  • For creators: To avoid unwanted external references in your templates, build the templates from scratch in the workspace under one node which you intend on sharing.
  • For recipients: You may be tempted to install ALL the templates you find so you can explore what's out there. If you do this, try not to move things out piecemeal. Some templates are more complex and will have supertags, fields and nodes with interconnected relationships. If you decide you want to use the template, follow the author's installation instructions. If you decide you don't want to use a template after all, you can hard-delete (Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-Backspace) the main node and all the supertags, fields and searches will be removed with it.

Check out this complete guide on creating your first Tana Template!