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Tana for product
Get everyone on the same page. For good.
Streamlined and flexible workflows are crucial to shipping good products quickly. Scattering information across different tools is a sure-fire way to ship bad products slowly. Tana lets you manage your processes from idea through to execution — all in one place.
I've onboarded my team now and, man... the more we use it the more I want to onboard the whole company. I know of so many use cases where Tana would make everyone's lives easier.
Photo of Lukas Kawerau

Lukas Kawerau

Data analyst and writer

After just an hour of usage it's very clear that Tana is by far the most transformative product I have tried this year. I'm completely blown away.

Can Sar

Founder and investor

Say hello to your new sprint board.

Turn anything into a kanban board that has a field representing different states. Use filters to turn it into a personal sprint board, or change the view to see the same information in other ways. Warning: will improve team oversight and reduce information overwhelm!

Let the product roadmap show you the way.

The urge to do everything all the time is universal, and also a pipe dream. Instead, use Tana to scope down to priority projects so you know what your team should be working on, and watch as your short-term efforts meet your long-term goals.

Use the Calendar view to know how you got here and where you're going.

Even the best laid plans get disrupted sometimes. Don't let that throw your team into a tailspin. Tana lets you welcome change with grace, so it looks like it was always meant to be.