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Daily page. Like a magical notebook.
Start every day in Tana with a fresh blank page. It's the place you can do all your work from: plan your day, keep track of your habits, see all tasks due today, and quickly jot down notes on anything and everything. Use with Supertags and Search, and you're guaranteed to never lose anything again (in Tana at least).

Finally, your stray thoughts have a place to go.

Maintain focus by using the daily page as a place to save things for later. In the middle of one thing but had a brilliant thought related to another thing? Use Quick Add to quickly save that thought to your daily page, for later processing. Even better, use Supertags to send your thoughts to their right place, instantly.

Every day starts with a clean canvas, ready to get messy with you.

There's nothing like starting the day with a clean countertop. No need to feel guilty about cleaning up from last night, because Tana gives you a brand new go at things every day – no questions asked! Bring over only what you need from previous days, so you can focus on just that. References ensure you're working on the same things no matter what day you choose to work on it.

Use the daily page to create and maintain focus.

The daily page is your partner in creating and maintaining focus. It receives anything, and can be anything that you need it to be for today. Use the supertag template to create focus by assembling your most important tasks, the projects you want to focus on, your agenda for the day. Make your daily page your daily driver.