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Search nodes. Pull up exactly what you need, when you need it.
Search nodes are the lightning-fast data librarians you never thought you'd need, but once you've met you never want to go without. Search for things on the fly, anywhere in Tana. Find simple things like Overdue tasks assigned to me, or more complex things like All churned prospects located in the U.S. West Coast. Use with Supertags and Views, and this is what it feels like to have all your information at your fingertips.
But the difference comes from the fact that with the help of supertags, it doesn’t matter where the node is as long it has the correct tag and field... All of those nodes can be collected into a Search Node and found later on when needed. The feeling of being able to dump a fleeting idea onto a node and letting it categorize itself has been amazing!
Photo of Bri Ballard

Bri Ballard

Project Manager

Wait... do people realise how powerful the @tana_inc multi-step AI thing is? I've essentially simulated an AI agent using Tana fields, without any need for code.
Photo of Winston Teng

Winston Teng


Find it just when you need it.

Adding Supertags to your nodes is like sticking a GPS tracker on them, but better. No matter where they were made, search nodes make supertagged items a breeze to surface. You'd wish you could do the same for your favourite sunglasses!

Dive into your data, from exactly where you're standing

Once a search node is set up, use Filter, Group and Sort to better understand the results. Filter helps narrow down results even further. Group and Sort help visually organize your results in chunks and by order. No more looking around in an overflow of results, just filter for "needle" and the haystack disappears.

Transform your search results using Views

Finding what you need with search nodes is good, but seeing them exactly the way you want is so much better. Luckily, Tana makes this very easy with our Views. We have translated common ways to look at information, which allow you to transform any bunch of nodes to look totally different in an instant. Currently, nodes can be seen as a list, table, cards, tabs, and calendar, and we have more than half a dozen other views that we are researching or are in development. When it comes to Views, only our imagination is the limit.