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Tana for solo entrepreneurs
Run your entire business on one single tool.
Being a solo entrepreneur can be challenging, having a pipeline of tasks, projects, and clients to keep track of on your own. Tana is your ally keeping you organized, productive, and on top of your game.
Tana completely transformed my life by allowing me to merge my professional and personal worlds into one cohesive graph.
Photo of Andrea Grasso

Andrea Grasso


As a busy creator & marketer, Tana has supercharged every one of my processes. I quite simply couldn’t do what I do without it.
Photo of Ev Chapman

Ev Chapman


Level up your task and project management

As your solo endeavor grows, keeping track of all your tasks and projects becomes increasingly tricky. In Tana, every task flows to where it belongs and shows up when it's supposed to. Kind of like running with a star in Super Mario - everything feels easy. Tana ensures you never drop the ball, giving you mind like water. And sleep.
This is proposing a new fundamental model for computing, a new mental model.
Photo of Alexander Obenauer

Alexander Obenauer

Explorer of the future of personal computing

Tana is one of the few knowledge management tools that moves beyond mimicking static text on paper. It takes the computational medium seriously. It gives regular folks access to a set of powerful primitives that previously only developers could touch.
Photo of Maggie Appleton

Maggie Appleton

Product designer

CRM that feels magical. Seriously.

Met a new potential client at a conference? Add the client to Tana, and know you'll find all the information when you return to your desk.

As a solo entrepreneur, you need a CRM that works as you do: Fast, agile, and powerful. With Tana, you can quickly build or install a CRM that adapts to your workflows, not the other way around.

Stay in control of your finances.

Starting by yourself, you don't need to pay for a huge budgeting platform with features built for an enterprise with 1000s of employees. In Tana, you can easily plan and track your income and expenses, and create a flow bespoke to you and your business.

Persistence makes all the difference.

"If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else." - L.J. Peter
The start of any solo entrepreneur's journey should be setting your goals so you align your priorities with a goal that has some sort of deadline. In Tana, you can easily keep track of your progress toward these goals. Either it's simple ones like "Get 10 new clients in 2024" or a whole OKR process for your own accountability.

As the one-stop shop for solo entrepreneurs, Tana will help you stay on track and reach your goals.