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Tana for students
Get on top of everything, and stay there.
Don't make studying harder than it needs to be. Tana lets you effortlessly track your work, collect notes and drafts, and make sure you stay on track for every deadline.
After just an hour of usage it's very clear that Tana is by far the most transformative product I have tried this year. I'm completely blown away.

Can Sar

Founder and investor

I 100% attribute being accepted to law school to Tana!
Photo of Dr. Monica D.T. Rysavy

Dr. Monica D.T. Rysavy

COO at Forte Labs

Your timetable, building itself.

Tana can magically plot anything with a date on a calendar. You can pick between Day, Week or Month, and you can filter down to what you want to see. The only thing it doesn't do is teleport you to the right classroom.

Take lecture notes like a pro.

Tana's outline editor is perfect for lecture notes. Effortlessly capture highlights, reading material and todos directly in your lecture notes, and have them reappear in your reading list, task list and future study material.