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Supertags. The glue that binds everything together.
Supertags™ are at the heart of Tana. Think of them as types or categories: they specify what something is. Typical supertags may be #meeting, #contact or #task, but you’ll quickly discover the endless possibilities that supertags offer.
Tana is one of the few knowledge management tools that moves beyond mimicking static text on paper. It takes the computational medium seriously. It gives regular folks access to a set of powerful primitives that previously only developers could touch.
Photo of Maggie Appleton

Maggie Appleton

Product designer

I stuck with Tana because of the way it's flexibility allowed me to adjust to brand new job opportunities with wildly different expectations. Something that would have been structurally cataclysmic in other interfaces became something I could easily update on the fly, day by day.

Allen Wilson

But the difference comes from the fact that with the help of supertags, it doesn’t matter where the node is as long it has the correct tag and field... All of those nodes can be collected into a Search Node and found later on when needed. The feeling of being able to dump a fleeting idea onto a node and letting it categorize itself has been amazing!
Photo of Bri Ballard

Bri Ballard

Project Manager

As little as a label...

In their simplest form, a Supertag is simply a tag that lets you easily categorise your content, for example an #idea, or #feedback.

...or as big as an app.

In their more advanced form, a Supertag can represent a complex workflow, for example a #post with a status to track where it is in the content pipeline, what kind of medium it is, and when it should be published.

Find it just when you need it.

Adding Supertags to your nodes is like sticking a GPS tracker on them, but better. No matter where they were made, search nodes make supertagged items a breeze to surface. You'd wish you could do the same for your favourite sunglasses!