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Tana for content creation
No more writer's block and 10x faster time to draft.
With Tana you can capture your ideas from anywhere and at any moment, or collaborate with your personal AI co-creator on everything from ideas to writing. It sounds like sorcery, we know. But it's just Tana's magic.
As a busy creator & marketer, Tana has supercharged every one of my processes. I quite simply couldn’t do what I do without it.
Photo of Ev Chapman

Ev Chapman


Tana is the beating heart of my personal operating system. It has transformed my workflow for content creation by allowing me to outline and plan videos from start to finish. Goal-setting and planning in many areas of my life are now easy and enjoyable. From weekly reviews to capturing memorable moments, Tana feels more than a mere application and has become my own personal toolbox for accomplishing anything I set my mind to.
Photo of Renee De Four

Renee De Four

Doctor & Digital Strategist

Your personal co-creator

Discover the power of AI-driven content ops: Unleash the full potential of Tana's AI for effortless idea creation, planning, and writing. Go from idea to planned draft in seconds.
As a small agency, Tana has quickly become our one stop shop for running a business
Photo of Marius Sunde

Marius Sunde

Founder Opening Hours

The way Tana seamlessly blends in AI utility is mind blowing 🤯
Photo of Peter Louw

Peter Louw

Project manager and engineer

Let your content flow like your mind

In Tana, everything flows like a river of content. You can capture anything anywhere: give it the right tag, and it immediately enters the pipeline. AI can help fill out the fields too, based on simple instructions.