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Where AI can do real work

A new digital environment that unlocks the potential of human-AI collaboration.

Used by builders and managers in some of the world's leading tech teams.

  • AirBnB
  • Amazon
  • Figma
  • GitHub
  • Google
  • Meta
  • Nike
  • Tesla
  • Twitch
  • Apple
  • Stripe
  • Unity
  • Doordash
  • This is proposing a new fundamental model for computing, a new mental model.
    Photo of Alexander Obenauer

    Alexander Obenauer

    Explorer of the future of personal computing

  • As a small agency, Tana has quickly become our one stop shop for running a business
    Photo of Marius Sunde

    Marius Sunde

    Founder Opening Hours

  • Tana is one of the few knowledge management tools that moves beyond mimicking static text on paper. It takes the computational medium seriously. It gives regular folks access to a set of powerful primitives that previously only developers could touch.
    Photo of Maggie Appleton

    Maggie Appleton

    Product designer

  • Without a doubt one of the most impressive apps I’ve been testing. Tana will help usher in a new era for graph based productivity and note taking.
    Photo of Dharam Kapila

    Dharam Kapila

    Software engineer

  • We use Tana for planning our work, planning our meetings, keeping track of what we know and need to know, writing guidelines, processes and much more. I don't know of any other tool offering this kind of flexibility — it's miles ahead of anything I have worked with in the last decades.
    Photo of Jens-Christian Fischer

    Jens-Christian Fischer

    Cyber security expert

  • I 100% attribute being accepted to law school to Tana!
    Photo of Dr. Monica D.T. Rysavy

    Dr. Monica D.T. Rysavy

    COO at Forte Labs

  • Tana + AI is like having a well-organized library with a fully capable librarian. Can't live without it.
    Photo of Tom Bielecki

    Tom Bielecki

    CEO PrintToPeer

  • Tana is to the knowledge graph, what Netscape was to the Internet.
    Photo of Torbjorn Nerbovik

    Torbjorn Nerbovik

    Tech Lead @ Tikkio

  • The way Tana seamlessly blends in AI utility is mind blowing 🤯
    Photo of Peter Louw

    Peter Louw

    Project manager and engineer

  • Tana's design reflects deep knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of existing connected outliner tools.
    Photo of Maggie Delano

    Maggie Delano

    Assistant Professor of Engineering

  • I've onboarded my team now and, man... the more we use it the more I want to onboard the whole company. I know of so many use cases where Tana would make everyone's lives easier.
    Photo of Lukas Kawerau

    Lukas Kawerau

    Data analyst and writer

  • Tana operates in the sweet spot of outliners and databases, creating a new kind of flexibility that sometimes resembles magic
    Photo of Alexander Rink

    Alexander Rink

    Computer scientist

  • As a busy creator & marketer, Tana has supercharged every one of my processes. I quite simply couldn’t do what I do without it.
    Photo of Ev Chapman

    Ev Chapman


  • Wait... do people realise how powerful the @tana_inc multi-step AI thing is? I've essentially simulated an AI agent using Tana fields, without any need for code.
    Photo of Winston Teng

    Winston Teng


  • Tana’s meeting agent is incredible. We’ve tried pretty much all the other options out there, and nothing comes close to the live transcription and processing it does after the meeting. But when you throw in the custom AI commands, it’s like a whole other ballgame – takes it to a completely different level.
    Photo of Andre Foeken

    Andre Foeken

    CTO Nedap Healthcare

  • Tana completely transformed my life by allowing me to merge my professional and personal worlds into one cohesive graph.
    Photo of Andrea Grasso

    Andrea Grasso


  • We have almost the whole company working in Tana. More than 100 people are active every day. And we have really started to think about replacing a huge number of tools with Tana. There are three words to describe the platform: convenient, comprehensible, and efficient.
    Photo of Dmitry Korzhov

    Dmitry Korzhov

    Building Improvado

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    Record voice, interviews, or meetings quickly and effortlessly. Recall spoken information with the tap of a button.
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