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Tana AI. Go from copilot to coworker.
Start delegating real work to AI. Automate meeting follow ups, reduce screen time with voice memos, let AI automatically connect new information to your knowledge base, and go from thought to published webpage in seconds.
Wait... do people realise how powerful the @tana_inc multi-step AI thing is? I've essentially simulated an AI agent using Tana fields, without any need for code.
Photo of Winston Teng

Winston Teng


Tana + AI is like having a well-organized library with a fully capable librarian. Can't live without it.
Photo of Tom Bielecki

Tom Bielecki

CEO PrintToPeer

The way Tana seamlessly blends in AI utility is mind blowing 🤯
Photo of Peter Louw

Peter Louw

Project manager and engineer

AI chat in a powerful editor

Experience AI in a powerful, flexible editor. Get AI answers in useful formats like tables, calendars, or card views. Use Supertags to add AI content directly to your workflows.

Voice is the new screen

You no longer have to sit in front of a screen to be productive. Tana Voice Memos turn rambling thoughts into comprehensible summaries, delegated tasks, or ready-to-publish content. 10 000 steps a day has never been this easy.

Chat with your notes

Get AI answers based on your own content. Great for summaries, retrieving specific information, or whenever you want to spar with the accumulated knowledge of the internet.

Lean back while Tana enriches your information.

Tana's AI autofill feature helps you fill out fields automatically. Based on the title of a bug, let Tana figure out which feature it relates to, what it's priority is, and who it should be assigned to — based on previous bug reports.