Tana Capture

A mobile companion app to capture your thoughts and send them to Tana, anywhere and anyhow.


Tana Capture is a mobile companion app designed for quick capture of thoughts and moments of genius on your mobile, sending them straight to your Tana inbox.

Available for iOS and Android:

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  • 🌊 Seamless Text Capturing: Jot down ideas, notes, or tasks on the go with Tana Capture's intuitive and user-friendly interface. Stay organized and never miss a vital piece of information again.
  • 💬 Talk and transcribe: Record voice memos, interviews, or meetings quickly and effortlessly. Tana Capture ensures that you can recall spoken information with the tap of a button.
  • 📨 Share to Tana: Share media and links super-fast, from all over the web.
  • 📷 Snap and Send: Take pictures or record videos and instantly send them to your inbox in your workspace. Document your progress or capture inspirational moments right at your fingertips.
  • 📖 Scan with Precision: Transform any physical document, business card, or receipt into a digital format with Tana Capture's powerful text-scanning capabilities. Eliminate paper clutter and efficiently store all your documents in one location. Oh, and did we mention locked screen widgets and quick action?

Related FAQs

  • How can I add supertags on things that I send from Tana Capture?

    While it isn't possible to tag things when you're sending things from Tana Capture, you can have Tana do some post-processing magic to convert written-out tags to real tags once they arrive the Inbox—no AI needed! This method uses a simple Tana Paste command that you can run on the Inbox node, which targets all new children that have "#" in them

    Here's Theo describing the solution:

    "All it does is paste the nodes that have # in them and that are not tagged, using Tana Paste.

    Say we add this through Tana Capture:

    buy milk #todo

    The command will paste that exact text back in with Tana Paste, where ${name} is buy milk #todo and ${sys:content} is very important child note. Using Tana Paste #todo is added as a tag

    Note: this creates a new node, so the created date will change, meaning you’ll lose the time that the node was captured through Tana Capture."

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  • How do I enable the scan text feature in Tana Capture on iOS?

    The iOS feature Live Text needs to be turned on for all supported languages:

    • 1. Go to iOS Settings > General > Language & Region.
    • 2. Turn on Live Text (green is on).

    This feature is available with iOS 15.4 or later.

    For more details, see Use Live Text to interact with content in a photo or video on iPhone

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