Tana for Desktop

The dedicated desktop app for Tana. Available on Mac, Windows and Linux.


Tana's dedicated desktop app does everything your Tana on a browser does, but it doesn't require the browser to stay open in order to work.

Download here:

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Download for Ubuntu/Debian

Download for Fedora/Redhat


Tana for Desktop is the same experience as on the browser except for a few things:

  • Global desktop voice recording: Record audio straight into the app using your desktop setup. Use the shortcut Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+E to start and stop recording. Like voice recordings from Tana Capture, recordings end up in the Inbox, transcribed and ready to be actioned.
  • File menu > Options > Spellcheck toggle: Go here to toggle spellcheck on or off
  • File menu > Options > Customize keybindings: Go here to adjust the global shortcut for desktop voice recording

Related FAQs

  • Can I use Tana on mobile browsers?

    Tana is not optimized for mobile browsers. Tana works best on a desktop browser, or our desktop app which you can download here.

    There's no official release date for a full mobile app, but necessary infrastructure upgrades to start work on this is in development.

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  • Does Tana have an offline mode? Can Tana run locally on my computer?

    Tana does not have a local storage option, nor does it have an offline mode. You need stable internet connection, preferably not on VPN, to run Tana smoothly.

    Source of FAQ: Tana Community Resource Hub

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  • How do I change/disable the Tana desktop recording shortcut?

    All desktop apps have access to a top bar with several OS-level menus.

    Go to Options > Customize keybindings to change it


    In Mac, the Option menu is visible when the top bar is visible:


    In Windows, hit Alt to see the top bar of the window:

    See Tana for Desktop for more.

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  • What are the system requirements for running the Tana desktop app?

    The system requirements for Tana Desktop app are the same as for Chromium. You can check out the most up to date system requirements here:


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  • What is the difference between the desktop and the web app?

    Right now they are more or less the same, with a few differences:

    • The web app can receive CSS modifications, although we do not encourage doing this because it can easily break due to rapid iteration of the codebase at this time.
    • The Desktop app has a couple more features like global voice recording that the web version doesn't have. In the future, the feature gap will grow larger when we add things like reminders, notifications, and more.

    We encourage users to use the desktop app, so Tana can remain open without needing the browser to be open as well.

    Download the desktop app here

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