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Tana for startups
Start and scale your company in Tana.
As a startup, you need a one-stop platform that grows with your company's needs as you move from zero to one. We know. We've dogfooded Tana since its conception and it's built for scaling a three-person startup to a team of hundred people.
I've onboarded my team now and, man... the more we use it the more I want to onboard the whole company. I know of so many use cases where Tana would make everyone's lives easier.
Photo of Lukas Kawerau

Lukas Kawerau

Data analyst and writer

As a small agency, Tana has quickly become our one stop shop for running a business
Photo of Marius Sunde

Marius Sunde

Founder Opening Hours

One-stop shop for tech startups

Tana is designed as a one-stop shop for tech startups. It is a flexible, connected, lightning-fast platform that can boost productivity by 10x. Every team has its unique style of working, and Tana allows you to customize workflows to suit your team's needs. Making a crew of three work like a team of 30.
We use Tana for planning our work, planning our meetings, keeping track of what we know and need to know, writing guidelines, processes and much more. I don't know of any other tool offering this kind of flexibility — it's miles ahead of anything I have worked with in the last decades.
Photo of Jens-Christian Fischer

Jens-Christian Fischer

Cyber security expert

We have almost the whole company working in Tana. More than 100 people are active every day. And we have really started to think about replacing a huge number of tools with Tana. There are three words to describe the platform: convenient, comprehensible, and efficient.
Photo of Dmitry Korzhov

Dmitry Korzhov

Building Improvado

Your own intelligent HR Assistant

The first hires in a startup are essential for mission success, but hiring takes time and effort. Tana AI streamlines your processes, so you can focus on talking with candidates. Feel the power of automated administrative tasks, connected candidate base, and simplified interview processes.

A game-changer for project management

For fast-moving teams, time and velocity are crucial. Spending time on meta work like searching for documents, checking project management on Slack, or managing tasks by marking emails as unread is counterproductive. You want to build.

In Tana everything is connected, and data flows to where they belong: a bug to a bug-board, a task to a tasklist, and product feedback to the right product feature.

Keep up with your fundraising

As a startup, you should either be in fundraising mode or not. In Tana, you can easily capture every angel, investor and venture capitals, and get back to them when you are ready.