2023 / wk44 / v. 243-245

Released Nov 03, 2023.
  • newPARENT can point to a field on the parent node using dot notation. For example, PARENT.Description will point at the description field on the parent. Dots in field names are supported. (Ie. on a meeting node you could have a search to find other meetings for the related project of this meeting). (Search nodes, Fields)
  • newUsing PARENT in a search node under a week or year node can now be used for date comparisons such as “find all tasks completed this week”. (These date items will get the right granularity - week and year.) (Search nodes, Dates and calendar nodes, Daily notes)
  • newPARENT that points at a date or a day/week/year node can now do simple arithmetic. PARENT-7 on a day node would get the day 7 days earlier, PARENT+3 on a week node will get a date 3 weeks in the future etc. (Search nodes, Dates and calendar nodes, Daily notes)
  • newYou can combine fields with date arithmetic, so PARENT.Due date+3 will be replaced with a date 3 days ahead of the date in the Due date field. (Search nodes, Fields, Dates and calendar nodes)
  • improvedWe now show inline expanded nodes with the same expand state as if you had zoomed into them. (Nodes and references)
  • improvedCollapsing or expanding references should now persist across navigation (Nodes and references)
  • fixedFixed issue where the install template dialogue would not go away after installing (or cancelling the install of) a template. (Tana templates)
  • fixedFixed bug with Payload: Send whole node as Tana Paste in Make API Request command. (Tana paste, Commands)
  • fixedFixed an AI model change which made "Get table column suggestions" often fail. (AI for builders, Views)