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The Tana meeting agent. The most useful meeting assistant on earth.
Stay on top of all your meetings and follow up effortlessly with your own meeting agent. It records, transcribes, summarizes, and connects everything to your workflows in Tana. Action items are added to your task board. Background info about participants is added to your CRM. And new knowledge is automatically connected to relevant information in your graph.

Follow ups you won't forget

The Tana meeting agent identifies action items, and will tag them as tasks so they appear where and when you need them.

Summaries you actually use

Ready in minutes. Structured in a logical way. Linked directly to the transcript. And available where you do real work. Because you don’t need more emails...

Remember all the details

Whether it’s the podcast your investor recommended, that hip coffee shop your new hire loves, or where your coworker is from. Details matter. The Tana meeting agent adds background information to participants after each meeting, so you get your own personal CRM without lifting a finger.