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How to factory reset a Tana account

This is a guide on how to safely "factory reset" your Tana, so you can relive that brand new account feeling again ✨
new workspace

Sometimes, it's just easier to restart with a clean slate. At a high level, the steps to achieve a factory reset are the following:

  • Create a new workspace
  • Set up day tags in the new workspace
  • Switch to the new workspace
  • Optional: Bring over selective stuff from the old workspace

Please note: when switching the root workspace, you'll also lose access to the following things:

  • Capture inbox nodes
  • Pinned nodes
  • Workspaces on sidebar
  • User settings (including API keys)
  • Any unadded quick add content
  • Saved layouts

They won't be deleted, but it is data that is associated with the root workspace. Swap out the root workspace, and the above goes along with it.

Below are the steps to do so without losing access to or accidentally deleting your account!

1. Create new workspace

Go to Manage workspaces at the very bottom of the sidebar. Click it, and at the top of the pop-up menu, press "Create workspace". Give your new workspace a title, then hit "Create workspace"

2. Set up the Calendar in the new workspace

In your brand new workspace, put the caret in the title of the workspace and run the command "Set up calendar for workspace". This will automatically create the Tana calendar system with the year/month/week/day nodes.

✨NEW Note that new calendar nodes come without year/week/day supertags. You only need to create them if you plan on applying a template to these nodes. On the calendar node, run the command "Create default __ tag".

3. Switch to the new workspace

Now to make the big switch: Put your cursor in the Workspace name, and run the command "Set [name of workspace] as new root workspace". This will prompt Tana to make the change and reload.

Once done, the new workspace is now your root workspace, and should appear on the very top of your list of workspaces.

That's it! You can stop here and savour that new workspace feeling for as long as you want...