2024 / wk 9 / v.283-284

Released Feb 27, 2024.
  • improvedTitle expressions can now be used in openLink to build URLs (Commands)
  • improvedYou can now remove a banner image or icon that comes from a tag directly from the instance, or set a banner image or icon as a default banner image/icon for a tag, directly from an instance (Supertags, Nodes and references)
  • improvedClicking a date field now opens the date picker automatically (Dates and calendar nodes, Fields)
  • improvedCopy animation is a tiny bit more subtle (Nodes and references, Copy paste in tana)
  • fixedRoam importer doesn't lose content if indented under a link located in a field, and is more tolerant over space encoding in day nodes (Import)
  • fixedAuto-initialize functions on fields will no longer initialize the fields if the function does not return a value (Fields)
  • fixedFixed the display of inline references in the reference section (Nodes and references)
  • fixedFixed done state mapping in supertag config where fields were not rendered properly (Supertags)
  • fixedFixed encoding issues in openLink command node (Commands)
  • infoOn daily notes page, "Switch calendar" is now "Switch workspace" (Daily notes)