2024 / wk 8 / v.280-282

Released Feb 20, 2024.
  • improvedYou can now drag and drop to reorder tabs. 🤗 (Views)
  • improvedYou can now right-click to remove a banner image from a tag from any node with that supertag. (Nodes and references, Supertags)
  • newThere is now a new system command node to open a link. (Commands)
  • infoWe've renamed 'Instance' fields to 'Options from supertag' (Fields)
  • improvedHighlight color in Tana Publish now looks nicer (Tana publish)
  • improvedUpdated Input API Docs to include clarification on workspace limit of 500k nodes, timezones, using Show API Schema and editing node name (Input API)
  • improvedWe've made big improvements to the content when copying node(s), both the plaintext and html outputs. We've also made a change to what we include when you copy a node: Before, copying a node would copy all of it's content no matter if it was expanded or collapsed, while we now copy what you see. (Nodes and references)