2024 / wk 7 / v.277-279

Released Feb 12, 2024.
  • newNew buttons for date navigation on calendar nodes! Right-click on "Today" to navigate to this week/month/year. (Dates and calendar nodes)
  • newWe renamed Calendar to Daily Notes, and gave it a node icon. (Dates and calendar nodes)
  • newNew command: Generic AI Query. Basically same thing as Ask AI, but delivered in continuous streaming style. (AI for builders, Commands)
  • improvedWe added "Republish" to the context menu on published nodes. This was already available as a cmd+k command. (Tana publish)
  • improvedButtons have an updated, softer look 🪶 (Navigation, Commands)
  • improvedYou can now click on any focused inline ref to open it directly (Nodes and references)
  • fixedLarge images in Tana Publish no longer break the thumbnail creator (that thing that shows a thumbnail when you paste a link in Slack and other places that support thumbnail links) (Tana publish)
  • fixedWe fixed an issue where we used to allow you to delete nodes that are just created in a search node without having to Hard Delete (Search nodes)
  • fixedFix for Chinese references not showing up in reference section. (Nodes and references)
  • fixedTana Paste no longer matches nodes in trash (Tana paste)
  • infoAudio that is not from Tana Capture can now get the same transcription treatment: Delete the title, run Transcribe, and it will populate both the title and description. (AI for builders, Tana capture)
  • infoCtrl+Shift+D now opens daily page in main panel, not side panel. (Daily notes, Navigation)
  • infoField type "User" will now be called "Tana User" (Fields)
  • infoIn @-mention, renamed the "People" section to "Tana Users" (Nodes and references)