2024 / wk 4 / v.269-271

Released Jan 23, 2024.
  • fixedFixed issue with PARENT/PARENT.field not working correctly when pointing at a date field (Search nodes)
  • fixedFixed issue for newly created nodes in searches with PARENT.field / PARENT+- number (Search nodes)
  • fixedFixed issue where "Date from calendar node" search would not work with week/month/year input. (Search nodes)
  • fixedIndentation in "Insert Tana Paste" prompt should now indent as expected in the output (Tana paste)
  • fixedWe now support calculations (in table view) over system fields, initially: Number of references. (Views)
  • improvedTightened up representation of date formatting when context is obvious, and for ranges. (Dates and calendar nodes)
  • fixedFix for Tana Paste, lines starting with # (Tana paste)
  • fixedFix for autocomplete in user fields (Fields)
  • fixedWe no longer show AI-suggested fields in field autocompleter (Fields)
  • fixedCode blocks will now appear in search nodes (not in Cmd+S searches or at-mentions), as long as they meet the search query. (Search nodes)
  • improvedWe now indicate on hidden fields whether they have content or not, and when they are AI processing. (Fields)
  • fixedIf the Lookup field in a command parameter does not find the field on the node it is run on, the command now fails, instead of the field inserting itself. (Commands)
  • fixedMade system more resilient if Tana encounters an irrecoverable error (and explain better to the user what to do).
  • infoRenamed "Run command on all children" to "Run commands on all children currently visible in the view", which reflects the specific behaviour of the original command that it only ran on children based on what was currently in view. It respects the current search query (which may not be saved), and filtered results. (Commands)
  • newThere's a new command called "Run command on all children" which runs on all children based on original search queries and no filters applied. In other words, it ignores any changes to the list made by filters and/or unsaved search node queries. (Commands)