2024 / wk 22-24 / v. 310-318

Released Jun 10, 2024.
  • fixedFixed bug related to using PARENT+/-number in the "Date from calendar node" system field in searches, and also enabled Date from calendar node to work with a date range. (Search nodes)
  • fixedWe no longer open calendar picker when you click in a calendar field in the query builder, to make it easier to type PARENT etc. You can still click the calendar icon or press space to pop up the picker. We also no longer show the yellow validation warning for "wrong" field values in the query builder. (Search nodes)
  • fixedFixed bug where search nodes with PARENT/GRANDPARENT expressions with trailing spaces showed incorrect "Missing field" even though search actually ran correctly. (Search nodes)
  • fixedFixed bug which would sometimes cause a panel crash related to search and filter config (Panels)
  • newReleased general AI chat (available from sidebar) 🤖 (Tana AI, Ai chat)
  • newReleased AI chat in context (press space on any empty node, or click the ✨ icon top right of any panel to chat with your knowledge.) (Ai chat, Tana AI)
  • newReleased audio-powered fields and tags 🗣️ (Nodes and references)
  • improvedReleased password-protected Tana Publish pages 🔐 (Tana publish)
  • newReleased related content (Nodes and references)
  • newReleased Google Calendar integration 📆 (Calendar integration)
  • newReleased Tana meeting agent 📝🤖 (Meeting agent)
  • infoIntroducing Tana Core - our first paid plan and the start of Tana beta 🎉 (Plans)