2024 / wk 2 / v.265-266

Released Jan 08, 2024.
  • improvedNode icons now show in side menu as well
  • fixedSome commands have gotten new names to remove the redundant "node" term (i.e. Get link to node -> Copy link, Delete node -> Delete). (Commands)
  • fixedFixed performance regression for some global and @-mention searches (Search nodes)
  • fixedFixed an issue with empty nodes created by auto-initializers looking strange
  • fixedFixed collapsing the parent node when your cursor is in a field (Control+ArrowUp). (Navigation)
  • fixedSeveral minor bug fixes related to processing the content of AI responses, ensuring correct location/indentation of nodes. (AI for builders)
  • improvedSearch now searches *any* loaded workspace in the global search, not only those on the sidebar. Unloaded workspaces are still not searched.
  • improvedClean up of node options menu
  • fixedFixed issue with using node toolbar in Quick add (@-mentions and #-tagging didn't work)
  • fixedFixed bug with two overlapping placeholders in fields (Fields)
  • fixedFixed bug where dragging a node into the calendar would not set the date in the correct field (Dates and calendar nodes)
  • fixedFixed bug related to AI responses with numbers. In some cases the numbers would not be inserted, and in some cases it would have the wrong formatting causing any computations with the number to fail. (AI for builders)
  • new🌟🤌 Sexy new loading / launch screen .