2024 / wk 19-21 / v. 301-309

Released May 22, 2024.

Ahoy! Doing a bit of catchup here before... 🤐

  • newNew search operator DATE OVERLAPS, will match any date or date range that overlaps/intersects with the mentioned date. For example searching for March 3rd 2024 will match March 3rd at 10AM (more specific) just like a normal date search, but also March 3rd-March 4th, March 2nd-March 4th, March 2024, 2024, etc. How to use: DATE OVERLAPS:: YourDateField:: dateValueToOverlapWith (Search nodes)
  • improvedGPT-4o has been added to list of models (Tana AI, AI for builders)
  • improvedYou can now Ctrl/Cmd+click on tabs/side menu items to open in new panel (Views)
  • improvedWe are continuously improving on the scroll positioning in Tana: We now restore scroll position when navigating back (Navigation)
  • improvedWe now include the default transcription language in the generate field suggestions prompt (AI for builders)
  • improvedNew nodes created in a search that has a CHILD OF pointing to a field definition, will now be created in that field on the node the search is under. (Search nodes)
  • fixedIt's now possible to copy a reference when the focus is on the checkbox (Nodes and references)
  • fixedIssue with reordering cards in Cards view is now fixed (Views)
  • fixedFixed bug related to creating new nodes in searches with system fields like Date/Due date: we now fill in the correct value (Dates and calendar nodes, Search nodes)
  • fixedTo whom this may concern: A search node for a field value will now match values on that field on the metanode, even if the field also exists on the node itself.
  • fixedFixed issue with context menu sometimes opening empty (Navigation)
  • fixedFixed regression where the browser menu would sometimes pop up instead of Tana's context menu (Navigation)
  • fixedFixed broken Figma embeds (Node types)