2024 / wk 16 / v.296-297

Released Apr 22, 2024.
  • fixedInline refs inside of references (nodes that live elsewhere), were rendered without color. Now, however... 🌈🏳️‍🌈🖍️🎨 (Nodes and references)
  • fixedCreating a node inside live searches was some times difficult (the darn things locked up after the first letter you typed. ) Now however... ⌨️ 🔡 (Search nodes)
  • improvedWe updated to the latest GPT 4 model. (AI for builders)
  • fixedWe fixed some bugs for live searches. The button sometimes said "Close query editor" even if query editor was not open. Now, however... case closed. (Search nodes)
  • fixedWe are reversing a change where shift+enter in a field value would move below the entire field. Now, it lets you insert a node straight below the current one. (Fields)
  • newYou can now (optionally) select a “base” type for your supertags. This allows you to specify broadly speaking what kind of tag something is. E.g. if you have tags ‘bug fix’ and ‘home improvement’ they could both be classified as type ‘Task’ if you feel they are things that “should be done”. We’ve added a number of categories to start with. (Supertags)
  • improvedWe should now be better at restoring scroll position when navigating between nodes (Nodes and references)
  • improvedWe added playback speed config to the audio player. You can now listen to yourself twice as fast. ⏩ (Nodes and references)
  • improvedUsing a '#' in a search will now strictly filter on matching tags if they exist so '#fruit du' should only find nodes tagged with fruit that has a word starting with 'du' in it. Search ranking has also been improved some, it will now only do a fuzzy search if there aren't enough 'strict' matches. (Nodes and references)
  • fixedWe fixed a bug where Previous/Next on calendar nodes always took you to a day node (even if you were on a week/month/year node) (Dates and calendar nodes)