2024 / wk 14 / v.293-294

Released Apr 09, 2024.
  • improvedWe now pass on quota errors from OpenAI API accounts to users who are using their own key, in an effort to try to be a smidge more helpful than "not helpful at all" (AI for builders)
  • improvedWe got keyboard shortcut for "Create new" - Alt+n for Windows/Linux, Ctrl+n for Mac! (Also: Reminder that you can open the Create new panel in the right or top dock by holding Cmd/Ctrl (right) or Shift (top) when you click on the button.) (Nodes and references)
  • improvedAnd, we got a "Create new in..." command line, including the option to create directly on daily page in other workspaces. (Nodes and references)
  • improvedYou can now close all message/error Toasts by holding down Shift or Alt when clicking the 'x' close button (and be sure to yell "you're all toast!" while you're at it for extra effect) (Account settings)
  • improvedLINKS_TO search expression clause should now work on calendar nodes by treating it as a date. Talk about being friend-zoned... (Search nodes, Dates and calendar nodes)
  • fixedWe fixed the 404 error page for Publish pages (which, ironically, you won't ever see unless something is broken) (Tana publish)
  • fixedThe keyboard cursor was 'lost' sometimes after clicking the 'search dot' to close the search explanation popover. We put plenty of wayfinding now to prevent this from happening in the future. (Search nodes)
  • fixedBrought back the 'Display' option on Table view (we were wondering when someone was going to notice that it was gone!) (Views)
  • fixedSome unlinked references no longer showed up in reference section due to personal apostrophic reasons, but we managed to convince them to come back so hooray! (Nodes and references)
  • fixedPasting a bulleted list from Google Docs removed all formatting, but now works again. Things really fell flat on this one. (Nodes and references)
  • fixedWe changed something, then some users said using Tab for inserting dates doesn't work anymore, so using Tab to insert your @-mention selection works (again?). Now, the question is: who picks up the Tab on the second date? (Dates and calendar nodes, Nodes and references)
  • fixedFixed bug where fields from the tag you are configuring did not show up when configuring Done state mapping. We do not like no-shows. (Supertags)
  • infoFor historical reasons, specifying the current theme has two settings ("Dark mode" and "Use System theme"). Before, "Dark Mode" always won if both where set, but we're trying this new thing called "respecting user's preferences", so "System theme" wins instead. (Account settings)