2024 / wk 13 / v.291-292

Released Mar 26, 2024.
  • fixedFixed bugs with 'Make API request' expression expansion not working if they contained dates or inline references. (Commands)
  • improvedStreaming AI responses now support 'inline code' blocks (Tana paste, AI for builders)
  • newThe workspace members invite now allows you to invite multiple emails at the same time, and also does not auto close after invite. (Workspaces)
  • fixedFixed an issue where dismissing some popovers would break navigation afterwards. (Navigation)
  • improvedView toolbar and filtering overhaul out to all. (Views, Navigation)
  • fixedFixed bug where discarding view options and then undoing would cause a crash (Views)
  • fixedFixed bug where navigating back in browser does not dismiss popups. (Navigation)