2024 / wk 12 / v.288-290

Released Mar 18, 2024.
  • fixedRight clicking on a table row now brings up the node tool bar (Nodes and references)
  • fixedRight click on a card now brings up the node toolbar (Nodes and references)
  • improvedEmpty nodes nested under workspaces no longer show in the sidebar. This looked silly. (Sidebar)
  • improvedFor incoming Roam/Workflowy/Obsidian/Logseq/Reflect etc. users, [[ now triggers the @-mentions. [[<3]] (Nodes and references)
  • newThere are now three sizes of headings - these are set automatically, based on nesting. The headings are relative to the closest item with a heading. If you zoom in to a parent of the smallest heading, the smallest heading will become the largest heading. It's like growing up. (Nodes and references)
  • fixedWe fixed a bug where numbers in fixed options, in options fields, were inserted as plain values, not references. (Nodes and references, Fields)
  • fixedWe now notify the user (you) if the prompt in prompt workbench is too long for the AI model selected. (AI for builders)
  • fixedHitting space in an options fields inside the query / live search builder, didn't show options. It does now. (Search nodes)
  • improvedYou can now type @ directly after a Chinese character (no need for a space) (Nodes and references)
  • fixedAI AutoFill will now keep the original node title as a child node if autofill overwrites the title. (say that 10 times, fast). (AI for builders)
  • improvedMade AutoFill more robust đź’Ş (AI for builders)
  • fixedFilter by "No tag" now works again. (Search nodes)
  • improvedOpenLink now works with mailto and other custom protocols. (AI for builders)
  • fixedFixed bug with Tana Paste where using #[[tag]] would also cause a node called tag to be created in the library. (Tana paste)
  • fixedFixes an issue where the node icon or date icon sometimes appears on a separate line from the text in an inline ref. (Nodes and references)
  • improvedThe command to publish a workspace as read only has been renamed to "Share workspace as read-only", to avoid confusion with the Tana Publish feature (which publishes a website based on Tana nodes) (Workspaces)