2024 / wk 10 / v.285

Released Mar 04, 2024.

Smol release this week, so here's a joke:

Did you hear the rumour about the butter?
... Well, I'm not going to go spreading it!

  • improvedWhen we apply grouping on tags, if there are several we now look at the first set tag. (Views, Supertags)
  • fixedFix for Roam import where we interpreted :: (double colon) surrounded by code block markers as a field. (Import)
  • fixedFix for Roam import issue where weird spacing character in day node title could break import. (Import)
  • fixedFixed lost spacing in title expressions when viewed as cards. (Views, Supertags)
  • fixedFixed issues with the Link button in the unlinked references list causing Tana to crash. (Nodes and references)