2023 / wk45 / v.246-249

Released Nov 13, 2023.
  • improvedIt is now possible to paste links to Tana nodes as inline references. (Nodes and references)
  • improvedWe now use the correct start of week (Sunday/Monday) also for the "Go to date" calendar. (Dates and calendar nodes)
  • newYou can now republish a published node via command line. The command is 'republish node' (Commands, Tana publish)
  • newText selection toolbar and Inline object selection toolbar features released for everyone. 🎉 (Outline editor)
  • fixedFixed query lint for "FOR RELATIVE DATE..." (Search nodes)
  • newTana Paste now supports setting aliases on inline references. Use [[alias^nodeId]]. (Tana paste)
  • fixedFixed query lint for "COMPONENTS_REC> PARENT" (Search nodes)
  • improvedUpdated DALL-E to version 3, with new image size, image style and image quality settings on the command node. (AI for builders)