2023 / wk37 / v.221-223

Released Sep 15, 2023.
  • improvedDynamically switch between GPT3.5 and GPT3.5-16k based on length of input if you haven't explicitly set model. (AI for builders)
  • improvedMake tables a bit faster on scroll. (Views)
  • improvedA number of performance improvements when editing tables. (Views)
  • infoShow better error message to user when browser has a problem with IndexedDB storage (i.e disk full).
  • fixedPrompt workbench now respects model max length. (AI for builders)
  • fixedFixed big performance issue with Tabs view (Views)
  • fixedYou can no longer crash Prompt workbench by giving it a reference to a very large node. (AI for builders)
  • fixedFix for providing correct context to "Run command line command". (Commands, Command line)
  • fixed'Find nodes' command would not find any field options if you had an empty tag somewhere in your workspace; now it works. (Search nodes, Fields)
  • improvedSignificantly speed up "Find nodes with field" in the command line, including some fixes that speed up several other options in the command line. (Command line, Search nodes)