What are all the ways I can copy data out of Tana?

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Basic copy-paste

Copy-pasting content is the fastest way of getting data out of Tana.

Select the content you want to copy, then hit Cmd/Ctrl+C. To paste, Cmd/Ctrl+V either in Tana (will create references) or elsewhere.

More copy-paste options

Via the command line (Cmd/Ctrl+K) there are various flavors of copy available to you.

Copy full content to clipboard

Copies the selected content in plain text format

Copy as Tana Paste

Copies the selected content in Tana Paste format

Copy as plain markdown

Copies the selected content in plain markdown format

Other ways to get content out

Export plain HTML

Renders a HTML page of the selected content that you can copy the HTML of, or save as a HTML file.

Export JSON

To learn more about this, read here.

Thanks to community member Michael Sklar for the FAQ idea!

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