2023 / wk42 / v. 239-242

Released Oct 21, 2023.
  • newNew search expression: IS FIELD, finds all field definitions. Helpful if you want to find duplicates for potential merging etc. (Fields, Search nodes)
  • newTana Publish: Pages just launched! See help docs for everything about it. (Tana publish)
  • improvedRenamed the Live query button to Edit query, and the Search expression editor to "Query builder" (Search nodes)
  • improvedMade the description of search queries, shown at the bottom of the query builder, a bit more consistent. (Search nodes)
  • improvedFor greater consistency, we've removed underscores in the search operators as follows: LINKS TO, CHILD OF, OWNED BY, COMPONENTS REC. All your existing searches will still work. (Search nodes)
  • improvedRenamed system fields "Modified at" and "Modified by" to "Edited by" and "Edited at". Also changed search queries from "MODIFIED BY" to "EDITED BY" etc (the old ones will continue working). (Search nodes)
  • improvedAdded new FOR RELATIVE DATE options: FOR RELATIVE DATE YESTERDAY and FOR RELATIVE DATE LAST MONTH (in the interest of symmetry) (Search nodes)
  • fixedSome search queries involving flags (like HAS MEDIA) or free text were returning too few candidates. (Search nodes)
  • improvedRenamed HAS ATTRIBUTE search operator to HAS FIELD (HAS ATTRIBUTE will still work for backwards compatibility) (Search nodes)
  • fixedHelp center button clicks no longer open a panel in Tana, but opens a new browser window. (Navigation)
  • newWhen you click the "Help" icon in the sidebar, you can now search through the articles in our help center. (Navigation)
  • fixedFixed bugs where we showed HTML codes for the description of grouping nodes (like when you group by tag) (Views)
  • fixedFixed issue with splitting large voice recordings done via web client (Commands)
  • newNew keyboard shortcuts for the following inline formatting styles: Highlight text using Ctrl+H, and make inline code by simply hitting ` (backtick). (Nodes and references)