2023 / wk38 / v.225-234

Released Sep 25, 2023.
  • improvedMany improvements to drag-n-drop interactions everywhere in Tana and selecting multiple nodes. (Outline editor)
  • improvedCleaner tables, where we collapse supertag names in cells among other things (Views)
  • improvedWhen you now tag a calendar item with a supertag that has a date field, we will try to populate that date field. (Supertags, Views)
  • improvedAdding new AI model option: GPT4-32k (only usable by users who have access to this model in OpenAI) (AI for builders)
  • improvedWe now automatically expand the reference section on all zoomed in nodes in list view, and we've simplified the display a bit when all references come from the same workspace. Expect more work on this in the future. (Nodes and references)
  • improvedCleaned up the home node UI and redesigned the workspace members panel (Workspaces)
  • fixedBug where auto completer would appear behind a calendar event pop-up (Views)
  • fixedMade selections a lot more stable and reliable (Nodes and references)
  • fixedFixes Spotify URL embed bug which caused there to be a big white space under embeds. (Embeds, Nodes and references)
  • fixedFixed some performance issues when you are interacting with a grouped by date list (Views)
  • fixedHuge decrease in rendering times of your inbox when grouped by dates (Views)
  • fixedSignificantly speed up "Find nodes with field" in the command line, including some fixes that speed up several other options in the command line. (Search nodes, Command line)