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Photo of R. J. Nestor

R. J. NestorTana Ambassador badge

I arrived in Tana via Roam Research, where I first created my Action-Powered Productivity (APP) system that I now teach in Tana. I use Tana for getting work done. I run task management, project management, and specialized subsystems/workflows, all in Tana. My Tana for Tasks self-paced course (and upcoming Tana for Action course) teaches others how to build and use their own productivity toolkit in Tana. I also teach a live group course, Action-Powered Productivity in Tana, to focus on individual users' specific productivity needs. And my Essential Tana Skills self-paced course can get new users up to speed in Tana in just a couple of hours. My new book, The Rhythms of Productivity, lays out my Action-Powered Productivity approach. The book isn't Tana-specific, but the concepts in the book are the underpinning for my productivity toolkit in Tana.


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