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  • Photo of R. J. Nestor
Productivity in Tana: #todo fundamentals Live Session

This Tana demo takes you from a simple #todo tag to surfacing todos on Daily Nodes and within projects. It was recorded live for Tana users in AP Productivity Cohort Six, and presented unedited here.

RJ: I even left in a part where I was confused for a few moments—I want everyone to see that we're all learning Tana together! Since it's live via Zoom, please forgive the slightly lower production values from my usual content! 😊

RJ: I will be making a few more live videos with additional Tana productivity content, and then making more "official" (and shorter) videos beyond that!

R.J. Nestor is a productivity coach who helps people get important work done using Tools for Thought. He was a long-time Roam Research user prior to moving his personal productivity system into Tana. You can find him on Twitter.