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A system for generating tweet ideas with Ev Chapman

This is Ev's tweet idea generation workflow. Live searches show her popular tweet frameworks to plug her ideas into or prompt her for inspiration. Each new Tweet has a search for frameworks.

EC: This is part of a much larger content system… but here is my tweet system.

In the tweet tag I setup a search that shows by default anything tagged with Tweet Framework.

So when I apply the tweet tag I can combine whatever my idea is with a popular framework.

EC: I setup a tag called Tweet Frameworks in which I dumped a whole lot of my favourite framework inspirations.

EC: Tana makes this SO much easier to do than Roam with the search inside the tweet tag. In my opinion having everything you need at your fingertips when you apply a tag makes getting in the flow alot easier.

Ev Chapman helps writers & creators start a note-taking practice & build a library of knowledge they can leverage into content. Get her Content Creator Playbook and follow her on Twitter.