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    Worldbrain's Memex to Tana with Víctor Rodríguez

    Learn how to paste annotations from Worldbrain's Memex into Tana using Tana Paste

    VR: I’ve been using the awesome for a while now with multiple tools. For those who don’t know it is a highlighting tool (similar to Hypothesis). After taking a look at Tana Paste capabilities I thought I could make it work pretty easily to paste highlights in Tana!

    You just need to use the following copy-paste template (and of course modify it to your liking)


    • {{{PageTitle}}} #article
      • Link:: {{{PageUrl}}} {{#Notes}}
      • {{{NoteHighlight}}} #quote
        • From:: [[{{{PageTitle}}}]]
        • Memex Link:: {{{NoteLink}}}
        • {{{NoteText}}} {{/Notes}}

    Take a look at the video for a quick demo of how it works!

    It has still some rough edges, like the From attribute that does not get associated correctly with the #quote supertag, however the Link attribute of #article gets resolved correctly. I’m not sure in which side the problem is (me, memex or tana)

    Hope it helps!

    Victor Rodriguez is a Solutions Architect working at Confluent to help companies to set Data in Motion. He is a knowledge management enthusiast and is using Tana to track projects with customers, meetings and generate new insight from all his learning in the fast paced tech world. You can reach him on Twitter.