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How Lukas Kawerau tracks medications

Lukas demonstrates how he keeps track of medication he takes during the day.
medication tracking

LK: Every time I'm taking a drug, I create a new node and apply #medicine-taken to it. This new node would have one field "Medikamente" which would be an instance of #Medikament. The node would also have one field "Dosis" where I'd enter the dose.

This gives me a nice table of medications and dosages.

Then I could set a title expression for the #medicine-taken that would just show a combined line for the medicine, dose taken, and maybe the date.

To add a date field that auto-initializes:

Lukas has been exploring note-taking for 15 years and has taught the techniques he used during his PhD to thousands of students, from undergrads to professors. He now uses Tana to run a small IT department as well as his content production for CortexFutura. See his free course on Tana Fundamentals here, or join his Tana Tips mailing list. You can reach him on Twitter or in our Slack community