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Where AI can do real work

A new digital environment that unlocks the potential of human-AI collaboration.

Used by builders and managers in some of the world's leading tech teams.

  • AirBnB
  • Amazon
  • Figma
  • GitHub
  • Google
  • Meta
  • Nike
  • Tesla
  • Twitch
  • Apple
  • Stripe
  • Unity
  • Doordash
  • This is proposing a new fundamental model for computing, a new mental model.
    Photo of Alexander Obenauer

    Alexander Obenauer

    Explorer of the future of personal computing

  • As a small agency, Tana has quickly become our one stop shop for running a business
    Photo of Marius Sunde

    Marius Sunde

    Founder Opening Hours

  • Tana is one of the few knowledge management tools that moves beyond mimicking static text on paper. It takes the computational medium seriously. It gives regular folks access to a set of powerful primitives that previously only developers could touch.
    Photo of Maggie Appleton

    Maggie Appleton

    Product designer

  • Without a doubt one of the most impressive apps I’ve been testing. Tana will help usher in a new era for graph based productivity and note taking.
    Photo of Dharam Kapila

    Dharam Kapila

    Software engineer

  • We use Tana for planning our work, planning our meetings, keeping track of what we know and need to know, writing guidelines, processes and much more. I don't know of any other tool offering this kind of flexibility — it's miles ahead of anything I have worked with in the last decades.
    Photo of Jens-Christian Fischer

    Jens-Christian Fischer

    Cyber security expert

  • I 100% attribute being accepted to law school to Tana!
    Photo of Dr. Monica D.T. Rysavy

    Dr. Monica D.T. Rysavy

    COO at Forte Labs

  • Tana + AI is like having a well-organized library with a fully capable librarian. Can't live without it.
    Photo of Tom Bielecki

    Tom Bielecki

    CEO PrintToPeer

  • Tana is to the knowledge graph, what Netscape was to the Internet.
    Photo of Torbjorn Nerbovik

    Torbjorn Nerbovik

    Tech Lead @ Tikkio

  • The way Tana seamlessly blends in AI utility is mind blowing 🤯
    Photo of Peter Louw

    Peter Louw

    Project manager and engineer

  • Tana's design reflects deep knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of existing connected outliner tools.
    Photo of Maggie Delano

    Maggie Delano

    Assistant Professor of Engineering

  • I've onboarded my team now and, man... the more we use it the more I want to onboard the whole company. I know of so many use cases where Tana would make everyone's lives easier.
    Photo of Lukas Kawerau

    Lukas Kawerau

    Data analyst and writer

  • Tana operates in the sweet spot of outliners and databases, creating a new kind of flexibility that sometimes resembles magic
    Photo of Alexander Rink

    Alexander Rink

    Computer scientist

  • As a busy creator & marketer, Tana has supercharged every one of my processes. I quite simply couldn’t do what I do without it.
    Photo of Ev Chapman

    Ev Chapman


  • Wait... do people realise how powerful the @tana_inc multi-step AI thing is? I've essentially simulated an AI agent using Tana fields, without any need for code.
    Photo of Winston Teng

    Winston Teng


  • The secret to personal productivity is finding a process that works for you. Tana allows you to shape that process and make it your own, but most of all, it’s a joy to use.
    Photo of Andre Foeken

    Andre Foeken

    CTO Nedap Healthcare

  • Tana completely transformed my life by allowing me to merge my professional and personal worlds into one cohesive graph.
    Photo of Andrea Grasso

    Andrea Grasso


  • We have almost the whole company working in Tana. More than 100 people are active every day. And we have really started to think about replacing a huge number of tools with Tana. There are three words to describe the platform: convenient, comprehensible, and efficient.
    Photo of Dmitry Korzhov

    Dmitry Korzhov

    Building Improvado

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  • Voice recording
    Record voice, interviews, or meetings quickly and effortlessly. Recall spoken information with the tap of a button.
  • Offline capture
    Tana Capture works offline, and will sync to your workspace as soon as you're back online.
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